Toy Poodle Breeders


We don’t endorse any toy poodle breeder because, quite simply, we can’t visit them in person. But we can offer some tips to help you find a reputable breeder within driving distance of your home. We bred toy poodles for five years and offer these tips based upon our experience:

Qualities of Good Breeders

  1. Clean home/kennel

  2. Few breeding dogs

  3. Only toy poodles

  4. Genetic testing done

  5. Pups kept for at least 10 weeks

  6. Pups vet-checked at least three times--at birth and for 2 puppy shots before going home

  7. Health guarantee 1 year

  8. AKC registration proof

  9. Support after the sale

  10. Vet and customer references

  11. Lifetime return policy

Puppy Mill Warning Signs

  1. Has more than a reasonable number of breeding adults

  2. Claims to “specialize” in more than one breed

  3. Prohibits visits to home/kennel

  4. Ships puppies by truck or airline

  5. Sells puppies out of vehicle at gas station, parking lot, etc.

  6. Maintains a smelly, dirty home/kennel

  7. Administers shots herself to save on veterinary expenses

  8. Demands cash only transaction

  9. Health guarantee, if any, agrees to replace a puppy that dies

  10. Claims the pup is purebred but can’t show AKC registration form for puppy

  11. Waffles about showing you genetic testing certifications such as CERF or OFA


Reader’s Digest Helps You Avoid Heartache

Caveat Emptor. That’s Latin for “Let the buyer beware.” To keep things simple, let’s just say you should not under any circumstances buy a toy poodle (or any) puppy from a puppy mill breeder or pet store.

Reader’s Digest published an exposé showing that most pet store puppies come from unsanitary, unsafe puppy mills. [“Special Report: Scandal of America’s Puppy Mills,” Reader’s Digest, February 1999, p.115.]

Another exposé appeared more recently in USA Today which claims, “...the problem is getting worse.” [Taking Aim at Puppy Mills,” USA Today, Thursday, November 1, 2007. p. 8D.]

One hallmark of a puppy farm is claiming to “specialize” in several breeds. How can you specialize in more than one breed? You can’t.


Good Breeder Bad Breeder

Monique, Caprice, and Chris relaxing on the sofa

Toy poodles and children can be a good fit.

A clean, safe environment is a must.

What about the Internet?

The web is a great way to do preliminary research to learn more about toy poodles. You might even discover local breeders through the web. However, never buy a puppy sight unseen. Visit the home/kennel and follow the tips in the sidebar at right.

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Start Your Internet Search Here

Ready to start your search for a good poodle breeder? can help steer you to those breeders who perform genetic testing. Visiting the site can help you narrow down your list of potential breeders. It’s a good beginning!

Did you know that toy poodles need haircuts every 6 weeks because they don’t shed like I do?

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Toy poodles are genetically predisposed to certain inheritable problems.

  1. BulletFind out what they are!

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Breeding Several Breeds Is a Bad Sign

A good breeder is busy enough taking care of his or her toy poodles and has neither the time nor inclination to breed other kinds of dogs. Plus, nature being what it is, having two or more breeds is asking for “accidents” to happen. Many poodle mixes look like poodles so how would you know if you’re getting the purebred dog you’re paying for?

Another telltale sign of a puppy mill or puppy farm breeder is an inordinate number of breeding dogs. Think of a moment: how much care does even one dog require? How could a breeder take care of a dozen and sometimes more dogs? If the breeder’s web site features page after page of breeding dogs, you’ve got to stop and think: Is the emphasis here on quality or quantity?

Find a Good Breeder

If you have your heart set on a purebred toy poodle, here are four reputable places to seek help to find a responsible, loving breeder:

  1. 1.  local veterinarians

  2. 2.  dog grooming shops

  3. 3.  dog shows

  4. 4. AKC Breeder Search

Puppy Mill Exposé

On Friday, April 4, 2008, Oprah featured an exposé on puppy mills. More recently, the Humane Society of the United States reported:

America's largest chain of puppy-selling pet stores, Petland Inc., is also the nation's largest retail supporter of puppy mills.”

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