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Should I Breed My Pet?

Limited AKC Registration

When you purchase a puppy, most reputable breeders will offer only Limited AKC Registration for puppies sold to pet homes. Why?

A good breeder makes every effort to assure the genetic integrity of his or her line. Indiscriminate breeding by “hobby” or “backyard” breeders could undo years of effort to improve the breed.

Limited AKC Registration means you could go ahead and breed your pet (a foolish decision) but any puppies can not be registered with the AKC.

Unless you plan to become a professional breeder and perform genetic testing, please have your pet spayed or neutered at 6 months of age or at the age you veterinarian recommends.

Play it safe with your pet’s life!

Do not breed your pet.

Find a reputable breeder near your home.


Did you know that toy poodles should be no taller than 10” at the shoulders?


Unless you are a professional breeder who plans to show your dogs in AKC breed shows, at 6 months of age your toy poodle should be spayed (females) or neutered (males). This outpatient procedure will make your toy poodle a better pet, keep your home cleaner, and prevent diseases such as breast or testicular cancer.

Some people mistakenly believe that a female should experience one “heat” cycle before being spayed. Wrong! Even one heat cycle predisposes a female to a greater chance of breast cancer later in life. It’s a risk not worth taking.

You Won’t Make Money

Breeding toy poodles is expensive and time-consuming. Unless you are willing to spend your days researching genetics, caring for your dogs’ health and grooming needs, staying up all night to help the dam whelp her puppies, screening potential buyers, and being there for your customers for years to come, leave this calling to someone who is totally committed to the well being of his or her dogs and the development of their pedigree.

Your Pet Could Die

There are tragic issues that professional breeders deal with that are best kept out of the average pet owner’s experience. These include problems whelping (toy poodles are small and often need help birthing their puppies), the need sometimes for Caesarean sections (and the concomitant vet bills), and even the tragedy of stillborn pups or pups who die shortly after birth. Leave these experiences for those better suited to deal with the heartaches involved in breeding. Your children do not need to experience these things and face the risk of their pet’s dying because of misguided ideas about breeding.


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Toy poodles are genetically predisposed to certain inheritable problems.

Find out what they are!

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